Noel Jones Divorce

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Noel Jones Divorce

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  • Noel Andrew Stephen Jones (December 22, 1940 – November 21, 1995) was an Indian-born British diplomat, British ambassador to Kazakhstan from 1993 to 1995. He was the first British ambassador to have come from an ethnic minority.
  • Bishop Noel Jones (born January 31, 1950) is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California. The City of Refuge has about 17,000 members and was formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church. The church has a choir known as The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.


  • disassociate: part; cease or break association with; “She disassociated herself from the organization when she found out the identity of the president”
  • get a divorce; formally terminate a marriage; “The couple divorced after only 6 months”
  • A separation between things that were or ought to be connected
  • the legal dissolution of a marriage
  • The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body
  • A legal decree dissolving a marriage

noel jones divorce

Noel Jones Bearder

Noel Jones Bearder
Noel Jones Bearder 1876-1952
was born at 2 Brunel Terr, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England, to William Corthan Bearder and Eliza Ann Bearder [Horner]. Noel was a in Clerk in holy orders. He married Enid Dorothy Bearder aged about 19 in 1913. Noel died aged about 76, in BRISTOL Avon England.

Bad Yak

Bad Yak
Noel Jones flies this Yak 52 through a series of slow, crisp maneuvers that will make you want more.